New school – latest position

In May 2016 the school was approached by the McAdden/Hildred partnership offering a new school site and building in exchange for the current school site if two other sites in the village got planning permission for homes.

After much discussion, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) agreed to consider a detailed proposal (please see below) from the school based on the offer.  This proposal was rejected by the NPSG which led to calls by parents for an extraordinary parish council (EPC) meeting to consider the matter.

At the EPC it was revealed that the school would form a strategic project in the Neighbourhood Plan, potentially attracting some funding via the Community Infrastructure Levy, and subsequently the Parish Council agreed to joint fund (with the Diocese) a feasibility study into redeveloping the current school site with some additional land from the Bourdillon Field.

Original Field, an Oxford based firm of architects, were appointed to undertake the feasibility study and they presented their results in May 2018 (please see below).   The costings of all the options put forward are significant.

Since then a small group of governors/parents/parish councillors has met a couple of times to look at how the project could be progressed.  We have decided to concentrate on looking at where we can raise money from rather than where the new school should be - leaving open the possibility of a new site.  The Neighbourhood Plan is still being examined by an external inspector and until that process has concluded, assuming it is voted through, we will not know exact numbers of new homes and where they will be.

The group is looking at all different options of funding including public and private sources.

The work is at a very early stage and there will be further updates.  If anyone is interesting in helping the group please contact Helen Scurr by email at

October 2018

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