Year 4

Week Commencing - 9th September

This week:

  • In Maths, we have recapped place value and expanded on the children’s previous learning, by moving on to 4 digit numbers. The children have worked really hard to understand how to order them and can determine the value of each number in the place value chart. The children have also been practising their 3 times table over the week.
  • In RE, the children have been learning about Murtis in Hindu worship and thinking about our big question ‘Does Murtis help Hindus to understand God?’ They have explored three deities including, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, and how they make up the Trimurti.
  • In Music, we have had fun learning about the Swedish group ABBA and some of their music. The children also practised playing the recorder to one of the songs and learnt some musical notation.

To help your child at home, parents/carers can encourage the children to read and predict what might happen in a book or chapter. As always, please encourage them to practise their times tables. This will be invaluable in supporting their learning later on in the year.

Week Commencing – 3rd September

This week:

The children have had a great week and have been very excited to see all their friends again.

  • In Maths, we have started a new topic on Roman Numerals. The children have been learning about this historic numbering system and how it is still used today. They have enjoyed practising their new skills in a board game. The children have also been looking at the 3 times table and practising some quick recall.
  • In English, the children have worked really hard to plan and write a recount based on something they did in the summer holidays. In grammar we have recapped nouns and proper nouns.In Science, the children discussed and thought about how electricity is used in everyday life. They went on to design an electronic device, thinking about whether it needed a mains or battery power source.

To support your child at home, parents/carers can find and discuss how rechargeable devices work and why large items need mains power. It is always helpful to practise times tables with them to help improve their recall.


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